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2019 op-ed for raising the minimum wage:
Sivan Cotel & Sam Hooper: In support of a $15 minimum wage.

2018 op-ed for paid family leave:
Sivan Cotel: A benefit to workers and small businesses.

selected psychology publications

Sivan Cotel developed research and laboratory experience at Wesleyan University, Harvard University, and Columbia University in the fields of Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Neurobiology, Developmental Psychology, and Child Epidemiology.

Cotel, S. C., Gallo, D. A., & Seamon, J.G. (2008) Evidence That Nonconscious Processes Are Sufficient to Produce False Memories. Consciousness & Cognition, 17, 210-18.

PDF download/view // Cotel, Gallo, Seamon 2008 // 132kb

Gallo, D. A., Cotel, S. C., Moore, C. D., & Schacter, D. L. (2007) Aging can spare recollection-based retrieval monitoring: The importance of event distinctiveness. Psychology & Aging, 22, 209-13.

PDF download/view // Gallo, Cotel, Moore, Schacter 2007 // 84kb

Duarte, C. S., Hoven, C. W., Wu, P., Cotel, S. C., Mandell, D., Nagasawa, M., Balaban, V., Wernicoff, L., Markenson, D. (2006) Posttraumatic Stress in Children with First Responders in their Families. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 19, 301-306.

PDF download/view // Duarte, Hoven, Wu, Bin, Cotel, Mandell et. al 2006 // 568kb

selected music recordings

Growing up in a musical household and spending his childhood in musical theater (performing in the Broadway musical Falsettos and singing such jingles as the Chuck E. Cheeses commercial, the Berry Berry Kix commercial, and the Sesame Street themesong), Sivan Cotel later studied jazz theory and recording techniques at Wesleyan University, and has produced, engineered, composed, and performed on various projects.

Sivan Cotel - Musical Memories from a Commercial Childhood (2005) - Thesis recital performing a suite of jazz compositions based on memories of musical themes from the commercials and other projects Sivan performed as a child.

download // Full Concert Album // 62.8mb

Sivan Cotel - Feet to the Sky (2001)

download // Instrumental // 4.2mb

Sivan Cotel - Mandorock (2000)

Sivan Cotel - s/t (1999)